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Conference Theme Track: Building a Better World Through IS


Alleviating hunger and poverty, providing affordable access to healthcare and education, addressing environmental sustainability, reducing ethnic tension, and addressing human rights violations are critical global challenges. The IS community is well positioned to assist in addressing these problems because for the last five or so decades IS has been the major contributor to global productivity improvement and individual lifestyle advancement. Information systems can contribute to building a better world through supporting humanitarian efforts, advancing food production and distribution, enabling better and more affordable access to healthcare and education, optimizing energy production and consumption systems, facilitating citizen participation in government, connecting diaspora, among other positive actions to make the world a better place. The 2014 theme track welcomes all types of research papers that offer novel ideas and practical/actionable solutions for how information systems can create a better world for the vast majority of its inhabitants.


Track Chairs

Helen Hasan

University of Wollongong

Richard Thomas Watson

University of Georgia



Associate Editors

Chadi Aoun

University of Technology Sydney

Nicholas Berente

University of Georgia

Maric Boudreau

University of Georgia

Aileen Cater-Steel

University of Southern Queensland

Kevin Desouza

Arizona State University

Catherine Dwyer

Pace University

Steve Elliot

The University of Sydney

Gilbert Fridgen

University of Bayreuth

Monica J. Garfield

Bentley University

Wolfgang Ketter

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Yan Li

ESSEC Business School

Mikael Lind

Viktoria Swedish ICT

Don McCubbrey

University of Denver

Alemayehu Molla

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Solomon Negash

Kennesaw State University

Stefan Seidel

University of Liechtenstein

Jens Strüker

Freiburg University

Jan vom Brocke

University of Liechtenstein

Jane Webster

Queen’s University

Mark Toleman

University of Southern Queensland