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Decision Analytics, Big Data, and Visualisation

Advances in modern technology have allowed businesses, governments and researchers to collect and store huge amounts of data. Big Data repositories, characterized by high magnitudes of data volume, velocity and variety, present many critical challenges for analysis. These include methods that can scale (volume), results that can be delivered in real-time (velocity), and insights that can be derived by combining different data sources and types such as structured and unstructured data (variety).

For this track, we invite paper submissions that address novel data analysis methods, concepts or implementations that rely on principles and techniques in data mining, statistics, econometrics, psychometrics, computer science, and other computational or quantitative fields, which tackle one or more of the above challenges. We welcome new exploratory methods and visualization approaches for discovering patterns in large and dynamic data sources. We also welcome causal-explanatory modeling approaches that can lead to meaningful theory development and rigorous causal derivations in light of big data challenges and opportunities. New predictive and prescriptive (optimization-based) analytic models, methods or approaches are also highly relevant for this track. Applications or implementations of the aforementioned data analytic methods or approaches could be demonstrated in various contexts such as web intelligence and
analytics, healthcare analytics, new performance metrics specific to Big Data era, social media analytics, etc. We are less interested in existing methods applied to existing problems but with large data sets, conceptual papers on the role of big data, or anecdotes of how big data alone provided managerial insights. Above all, we encourage new research that spans boundaries across disciplines, data sources and methods to address important topics in information systems and directly relate to decision
making at the individual, group or organizational level.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

·        Capturing and sharing knowledge in social networks

·        Data, text, and web mining for business intelligence

·        Web intelligence and web analytics

·        Data integration from multiple sources

·        Visualization and human-computer interface research for business

·        Real-time data analysis for decision making

·        Interactive visualization and decision making

·        Statistical and econometric methods that scale to Big Data

·        Recommender systems

·        Large-sample experiments

·        Contextual advertising and data-driven marketing

·        Dynamic pricing and revenue optimization

·        Geospatial data analytics for location-based services


Track Chairs

Khim Yong Goh

National University of Singapore

Wolfgang Jank

University of South Florida

Galit Shmueli

Indian School of Business


Associate Editors

Margrét Bjarnadóttir

University of Maryland

Ravi Bapna

University of Minnesota

Lan Cao

Old Dominion University

Damianos Chatziantoniou

Athens University of Economics and Business

Ramnath K. Chellappa

Emory University

Wingyan Chung

Stetson University

Jacomo Corbo

University of Ottawa

Mayukh Dass

Texas Tech University

Kaushik Dutta

National University of Singapore

Tomer Geva

Tel Aviv University

Shawndra Hill

University of Pennsylvania

Karthik Kannan

Purdue University

Keri Larson

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Beibei Li

Carnegie Mellon University

Xiaolin Li

Nanjing University

Mingfeng Lin

University of Arizona

Scott Nestler

Center for Army Analysis

Balaji Padmanabhan

University of South Florida

Mykola Pechenizkiy

Eindhoven University of Technology

Tuan Phan

National University of Singapore

Jeff Prince

Indiana University

William Rand

University of Maryland

Marco Reale

University of Canterbury

Thomas Reutterer

Vienna University of Economics and Business

Christoph Riedl

Northeastern University

Thomas Rusch

Vienna University of Economics and Business

Carlos Soares

University of Porto

Luis Torgo

University of Porto

Bartel van de Walle

Tilburg University

Geoff Webb

Monash University

Inbal Yahav

Bar-Ilan University

Jacob Zahavi

Tel Aviv University

John Zhang

University of Connecticut

Rong Zheng

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology