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Over the last few decades, e-business has become a key driver of the global economy. As it continues to evolve, paradigms and principles of e-business have touched every aspect of business processes from day-to-day operations to strategic decision-making. E-business was embraced by businesses for strategic and competitive advantages but over the years, it has become an important tool for business worldwide. E-business is not limited to facilitating buyer and seller transactions; in fact, it has reengineered the whole supply chain. It is concerned with internal operation, e-tailing, online payment and transaction processing, distribution channels, inventory management, supply chain management, the gathering and use of demographic consumer data via the Internet, the exchange of data, business-to-business buying and selling, government regulation, as well as business and technological applications related to e-business. Past research on e-business has provided us with sold theoretical and practical insights. However, technology advancements bring ample opportunities to research the innovative aspects of e-business and investigate new models, methodologies and applications related to e-business.

Papers in this track should be theoretically rigorous and empirically grounded in real world contexts. Pure theory and methodology papers will be also welcomed, provided that they demonstrate the novelty of the theory and methodology in real-world applications.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

·           IT strategy and risks in managing e-business

·           Digital business strategy and performance implications

·           Sustainable e-business practices and strategies

·           IT governance for global e-business

·           IT-enabled entrepreneurship in e-business

·           Service management innovation

·           Economic models for e-business value chain management

·           E-business standards development and management

·           E-business challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in emerging economies

·           Global e-business adoption

·           Mobile commerce

·           Electronic marketplaces

·           Innovations in e-business

·           Inter-organizational trust and consumer trust

·           Privacy, security, and trust issues in global e-business

·           Social, political and legal frameworks for fostering e-business diffusion in developing regions

·           Social, political, and legal implications of global e-business

Track Chairs

Carol Ou

Tilburg University

Paul Pavlou

Temple University

Arvind Tripathi

University of Auckland


Associate Editors


Ashish Agrawal

University of Texas at Austin

Animesh Animesh

McGill University

Anteneh Ayanso

Brock University

Patrick J. Bateman

Youngstown State University

Jianqing Chen

University of Texas at Dallas

Kutsal Dogan

Ozyegin University

Ming Fan

University of Washington

Juan Feng

City University of Hong Kong

Andrew Hardin

University of Nevada at Las Vegas

Peng Huang

University of Maryland

Weiling Ke

Clarkson University

Subodha Kumar

Texas A&M University

Ting Li

Erasmus University

Xinxin Li

University of Connecticut

De Liu

University of Kentucky

Amit Mehra

Indian School of Business

Gautam Pant

University of Iowa

Vandana Ramachandran

University of Utah

Piet Ribbers

Tilburg University

Choon Ling Sia

City University of Hong Kong

Ken Y. Wang

University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

Sunil Wattal

Temple University

Jason Woodard

Singapore Management University

Heng Xu

Pennsylvania State University

Jennifer Zhang

University of Texas at Arlington

Michael Zhang

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology