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IS Curriculum and Education


The rapid evolution of information technologies/information systems (IT/IS), including cloud computing, virtualization, social networking, outsourcing, crowdsourcing, mobile computing, Internet of things and consumerization, is influencing the way information systems are designed, integrated and used in all aspects of society, business and government. This change on how IT/IS infrastructure is offered, designed, integrated and used has major implications for the IS discipline and for IS Education. The anticipated and unanticipated consequences of such paradigm shift will have a major impact on individuals, organizations and society. With growing difference between the industry requirements and the MIS offerings by universities, and information systems and technologies that are embedded in everything we do and touch every aspect of our daily lives, the challenge is to increase relevance of IS/IT education to business and society and develop skills to understand and enhance the role of IS in process management and innovation. The track in IS education will present and analyse these challenges and offer strategies for the future of IS education.  It will also provide an opportunity to examine what elements of our core body of knowledge may remain fundamental even in the presence of dramatic changes in industry and society.  It will discuss curriculum design, delivery and learning experience of students and provide insights into the development of capable IS and business graduates to deal with these emerging challenges. This track will give opportunities for leading academics to share teaching and learning experiences through scholarship, teaching and learning methods, pedagogy, practice, case studies, technology adoption and curriculum innovations.  All research methods and approaches are welcome (conceptual or empirical, design-oriented or explanation-oriented, qualitative or quantitative, and so on).  We welcome high quality research papers in any major topic of IS curriculum and education.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

·         Curriculum innovations, design and model curricula

·         Blended and hybrid learning

·         Social networking and learning

·         Peer and collaborative learning

·         Innovative pedagogy and evaluation

·         Doctoral education and research management

·         Program assessment and accreditation issues

·         Work integrated learning

·         Technology-enabled active learning

·         Assurance of learning

·         Learning management systems and technology mediated learning

·         Emerging technologies and IS education

·         Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

·         Online game-based and experiential learning

·         Ethical and social issues in IS education

·         E-Learning and asynchronous media

·         Teaching cases


Track Chairs

Andrew Burton-Jones

University of Queensland

Keng Siau

Missouri University of Science and Technology


Associate Editors

Anil Aggarwal

University of Baltimore

Dinesh Batra

Florida International University

Diana L. Burley

George Washington University

Tom Case

Georgia Southern University

Sophie Cockcroft

The University of Queensland

Sean B. Eom

Southeast Missouri State University

Mary J. Granger

George Washington University

Pei-Hsuan Hsieh

National Cheng Kung University

John Krogstie

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Ron Kwok

City University of Hong Kong

Jiye Mao

Renmin University

Trevor T. Moores

ESSEC Business School

Jennifer Nicholson

Rowan University

Shan Ling Pan

National University of Singapore

James Sager

California State University at Chico

Heshan Sun

Clemson University

Heikki Topi

Bentley University

Eileen Trauth

Pennsylvania State University

Gert-Jan de Vreede

University of Nebraska at Omaha

Sidne G. Ward

University of Missouri at Kansas City