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IS Security and Privacy

In today’s era of globally connected organizations, economies, and societies, the pervasive growth of the Internet and significant advances in communications, networking and data gathering and storage technologies have exacerbated the vulnerability of personal and organizational information systems. The extent, frequency, seriousness, and diversity of external attacks to computer systems are unprecedented. At the same time, a number of security and privacy issues originate from “inside” due to malicious or careless human behavior.

The track of “IS Security and Privacy” welcomes IS research design science studies, empirical quantitative and qualitative studies, and theory-development submissions across a diverse range of topics. The track promotes theory building and rigorous empirical research on all IS security and privacy issues, with a special focus on the practical implications of the research.  

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

·         Adoption and use of IS technologies and practices

·         Corporate governance of security and privacy

·         Cross-cultural issues in IS security and privacy

·         Deception and deception intention in the context of online trust and security

·         Electronic commerce privacy

·         Employee security policy compliance and noncompliance

·         Investigations of computer crime and security violations

·         IT audit and controls

·         Identity theft and risk assessment

·         Individual motivators and inhibitors of employee computer crime

·         IS security investment

·         Insider threat behaviors and antecedents

·         Intrusion detection/prevention

·         Risk analysis and management, risk and fraud assessment

·         Secure systems development

·         Security and privacy concerning social media and social networking

·         Security and privacy metrics

·         Security and privacy of mobile devices

·         Security and privacy strategies

·         Security, Education, Training, and Awareness programs and campaigns

·         Social and business security and privacy policies

·         Societal and ethical issues in IS security and privacy

·         Trust in security and privacy enhancing systems

Track Chairs

Mikko Siponen

University of Jyväskylä

Jeff Smith

Miami University


Associate Editors

Alessandro Acquisti

Carnegie Mellon University

Gove Allen

Brigham Young University

Corey Angst

University of Notre Dame

France Belanger

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

John D'Arcy

University of Delaware

Tamara Dinev

Florida Atlantic University

Neil Doherty

Loughborough University

Il-Horn Hann

University of Maryland

Paul Hart

Florida Atlantic University

Allen C. Johnston

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Mari J. Karjalainen

University of Oulu

Sung Kim

University of Wisconsin

Han Li

Minnesota State University

Paul Lowry

City University of Hong Kong

Robert Luo

University of New Mexico

Nirup M. Menon

George Mason University

A. F. Salam

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Benjamin Shao

Arizona State University

Anthony Vance

Brigham Young University

Tero Vartiainen

University of Oulu

Robert Willison

Newcastle University