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General IS Topics

The General Topics track is intended for high quality papers on topics that do not have a specific fit with other tracks. The track is intended to attract unique and novel papers and give an additional degree of freedom to the conference's theme, either from an epistemological, ontological, or methodological perspective. Please check the detailed descriptions of other tracks before submitting your paper to this track to ensure a good fit with your submission.           

Track Chairs

Traci Carte

University of Oklahoma

Armin Heinzl

University of Mannheim

Cathy Urquhart

Manchester Metropolitan University


Associate Editors

Daniel Beimborn

University of Bamberg

Glenn Browne

Texas Tech University

Hans Ulrich Buhl

University of Augsburg

Jyoti Choudrie

University of Hertfordshire

Jeff Crawford

Lipscomb University

Amany Elbanna

Royal Holloway University of London

Susan Gasson

Drexel University

Camille Grange

University of British Columbia

Oliver Hinz

Technical University of Darmstadt

Vijay Khatri

Indiana University

Virginia Kleist

West Virginia University

Thomas Kude

University of Mannheim

Dennis Kundisch

University of Paderborn

Eleanor T. Loiacono

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Peter Loos

Saarland University

Mark Lycett

Brunel University

Ilan Oshri

Loughborough University

Nancy Pouloudi

Athens University of Economics and Business

Rene Riedl

University of Linz

Dominic Thomas

Suffolk University

Tarja Tiainen

University of Tampere

Tina Wang

University of Oklahoma

Jaime Windeler

University of Cincinnati

Jennifer Xu

Bentley University