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ICIS Panels afford the opportunity to present topics and ideas that are ground-breaking and perhaps controversial to the IS community. The panel must engage the audience and the included experts in a discussion that will stimulate interaction and enhance the learning experience with a goal of moving the topic forward to greater understanding and application. Panel topics are varied, but generally pertain to controversial research questions, new research challenges, or changes to the status quo of the discipline. Panels related to the conference theme are especially welcome. We encourage proposals that challenge the traditional panel format and include innovative and inspirational elements to stimulate interaction and enhance the learning experience.

Instructions for submissions:

Required Elements of Panel Proposals:

A panel proposal should include the following seven sections:

·         Introduction: General description of the panel or issues to be discussed or debated stating the reason for the panel.

·         Issues: Issues or dilemma that will be discussed.

·         Panelists' Positions Names and positions of those who will take varied viewpoints. For debates, identification of proponents and opponents.

·         Panel Structure: Description of timing of the session and the format of interaction among participants and with the audience.

·         Participation Statement: A statement that all participants have made a commitment to attend the conference and serve on the panel if the panel is accepted.

·         Biographies: A brief description of each participant’s background, including expertise related to the topic and views of the issues.

·         References: as appropriate.


Review Criteria:

·         Panel Topic: Topic is novel, leading edge and invites debate and discussion.

·         Panel Format: Panel focuses on discussion and not the presentation of research results; format is innovative and involves the audience.

·         Panelists: Panelists are leaders and/or well-published in the panel topic area and represent a diversity of opinions, backgrounds and geographic regions.

·         Implications: The outcome of the panel has likely implications for practice or conduct of research in information systems.

·         Panel Interest: The panel seems likely to draw a wide audience.

Panel Proposal Page Limit Requirements:

The panel proposal must not exceed five (5) single-spaced pages and must conform to the ICIS 2013 submission template. The 5 page count must include all text, figures, tables, and appendices. Abstract, keywords, and references are excluded from this page count. Proposers may attach a video clip or similar to their submission to illustrate the intended format.


Track Chairs

Dov Te’eni

Tel-Aviv University

Kevin Crowston

Syracuse University


Associate Editors

Michel Avital

Copenhagen Business School

Deborah Bunker

The University of Sydney

Natalia Levina

New York University

Robert Zmud

University of Oklahoma