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General Information

Below is some general information about travelling to New Zealand. 


Auckland is connected by direct flight with many major cities in Australia, Asia, North and South Americas. From Europe you may fly here with only one mid-landing (in North America or in Dubai or on Far East).

Many airlines are servicing Auckland. Auckland airport, for many years is ranked as a one of the top world’s airports. Airport is located on the south part of town, around 30 km from downtown of the city.


To preserve the natural unique habitat of New Zealand, there are substantial restriction on bringing various objects, especially food items in to the country. Basically: DO NOT BRING ANY FRESH FRUITS, HONEY AND (NOT SEALED) MEAT PRODUCTS, INCLUDING ITEMS OBTAINED DURING YOUR FLIGHT TO AUCKLAND. Remember: ANY food must be declared. Read and fill out accurately the arrival declaration. But do not be afraid of the customs officers: they are extremely friendly!

NZ customs allows for bringing in a lot of other items. You may find the complete list here:

Airport is served by taxis, shuttle taxis and airport buses. Rates to downtown Auckland are between $60-$80 by taxi and as little as $16 by airport bus. All of these means of travel are of professional standard.

There are also numerous car rental agencies located at the airport. Information about getting to town in Auckland are located here:


Generally, driving around town (obviously, except rush hours) and in the countryside is fun. Road conditions are excellent and signage is good. Remember that we are driving on the left side of the road (opposite to Europe and North America). Practically, all national driving licences are accepted, but having an international driving licence is an advantage.



The University of Auckland is located in the middle of the central part of the city. From the city campus to the main street in Auckland, it approximately a 10 min walk (through a park). All major city hotels are practically in walking distance from the campus (between 5 and 25 minutes’ walk).

Breath-taking scenery, world-class food and wine, sparkling harbours, island retreats, eclectic cultures, great shopping and spectacular arts and events – it’s all here for you to discover here in Auckland. It is rated as a one of most liveable cities of the world. According to Mercer, Auckland is located on the 3rd world position, see: http://www.mercer.co.nz/articles/quality-of-living-survey-report-2011#top5.

Summary of tourist information is located here: http://www.aucklandnz.com.

Other Comments and Advice

NZ citizens love electronics: all shops are equipped with eftpos/credit card terminals (Visa, Master, Amex). Money dispensing machines are on every corner.

Majority of the foreign mobile phones work here, but check with your country provider if they have arrangements with New Zealand.

All hotels provide internet access but not all of them provide it free.

At the conference site free wireless access will be offered for all our visitors.

Tipping is not required but appreciated. Add 10% to 15% in a restaurant. Anywhere else: if you are really satisfied with the service.

Most of the conference meeting rooms (except the plenary sessions) will be equipped with individual power sockets.

Power supply here is 230V, 50Hz. Beware, that NZ uses a very unique power sockets. If you are not from Australia, then get a power adaptor. The cheapest place to buy is here: http://dx.com/p/universal-uk-travel-ac-power-adapter-plug-55708. You may get easily such adapters in Auckland (but are a bit more expensive).